Without a Clean shirt, What are You wearing?

Does it matter if you are shirtless or in air conditioning? Actually, it is not only the air conditioner that causes perspiration. Do not be mistaken that the air is the main cause of this problem. Besides, living a life with not much issues to be lived, we also have another source of perspiration. That is, the sweat glands.

The sweat glands without question are one of the most important parts of the body. Not only do they maintain the temperature of the body, they also excrete various substances. Bones this is one of their major functions. For example, the facilitator of sweat glands along the wall of the venous both in men and women is the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). This is a part of the autonomic nervous system.

One of the common perception is that when someone is affected from hyperhydrosis or even excessive sweating, it is the result of overtraining. Yes, excessive training can cause this problem. This is because when we do something frequently, our body tends to adapt in the sense that when you do this same activity the next day, it brings you back to where you previously were. For those who are experiencing hyperhydrosis, there is no such thing as such. The body simply forgot, it’s self busy eliminating excess heat. What is actually regarded as regular exercise or activity brings different response.

It brings different physiological changes. For example, one such response of people having a regular exercise routine is that the pulse rate comes to faster rate and the breathing rate are regulated. In effect, the body regulates the blood flow in terms of volume and the flow in terms of pressure. This response is generally brought about by the nervous system. This nervous system is actually the same one that assists people to fight anxiety. In effect, the regulation of cardiovascular system is brought about by the nervous system.

Another physiological adapting process is the water’s electrolyte balance. The external temperature and the moisture content of the skin changes. In effect, this is brought about by the electric charge generated by the muscle movement. To ensure that balance is maintained, you may want to undertake various activities that will help maintain this balance. Some of these would include:

1. Taking a shower everyday

2. Taking a bath before and after exercising

3. Drinking water before and after exercising

4. How about you also doing your exercises upside down? By using the muscles underneath your skin?

These activities would help you manage the electrolyte balance of your body. Make a note of the things that you usually do and see which of them could be improved to bring about a better sweat production.

For example, you may find your workout routines causes excessive stress. By managing your stress, you may be able to avoid sweating. A noisywatch may be your best friend when it comes to managing your sweat.

A watch that has a crystal clear movement will allow you to monitor the movement of your hands while typing on your computer. This type of a watch will help you prevent your hands from sweating excessively. In addition, wrist watches which are natural or may be antibacterial could help you sweat less.

If you think excessive sweating while doing some strenuous activities is a problem, then you are in luck. Treatments such as oral medication, Botox injections, and surgery are accessible to people who need these treatments. Talk to your doctor first before treating yourself with such medications.

Not only people who could not afford medication could also get a surgery. The procedure could excision of the sweat glands to tackle excessive sweating. One disadvantage of this procedure is that the success rate of this treatment is quite low.

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