Lowering Cholesterol: A Startling Easy Exercise That Can Lower Your Cholesterol Quickly and Safely

This exercise can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Doing this exercise in lowering your cholesterol can help you to avoid various cardiovascular diseases and help you to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

At present, cholesterol comprises of bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. Bad cholesterol can build up in the system and can cause several cardiovascular diseases. It also damages the arteries and veins. Good cholesterol on the other hand, plays an equally important function. It helps in producing hormones and bile acids and helps in the dissolve of fats.

Cholesterol is everywhere and you cannot alone kill cholesterol with a single prescription. Lots and lots of food contain cholesterol and none of them are good. Gone are the days when you were once accustomed to eating eggs for your breakfast; in fact most of the popular food consumed contain cholesterol. You need to aim at maintaining a BMI of 18.5 increments every day.

Once you have established that your cholesterol levels are normal, you can use diet as one of the ways to eradicate high levels of cholesterol. You should make a note of low-fat protein sources, fruits, vegetables and limit your carbohydrate intake to absolute minimum. Individuals suffering from diabetes and high levels of triglycerides are normally advised to exercise daily and drink at least 2-3 liters of lotions, shakes and water. One of the high carbohydrate sources that you should take is rice. It not only boosts up your metabolism but also curbs your bad cholesterol levels.

Consumption of pills, drugs and medicines have been perceived by many as a safe alternative for cholesterol. However, many doctors and nutritionists are of the opinion that pills and drugs are not the go to item for controlling cholesterol. There are many side effects of these drugs that one needs to be conscious of. Other than cholesterol lowering effects, you can check out the following common effects of the drugs namely rosiglitazone, valdecox, pills containing fibrates, diet pills, and the statin drugs namely rosiglitan, fishes oils, Allopurinol, Niacin and Descaghido.

It is always advisable to strive hard to regulate your cholesterol levels. Control it according to the extent of your health knowledge. There is a simple test that you can do at home to monitor your cholesterol levels. It is just a matter of a few minutes to collect your saliva and then return it along with your blood pressure, ageHeight and weight and anything else that may have changed. All you need to do is fill up your details such as your blood type, Blood pressure, pulse and also your smoking habits. This non-invasive way of cholesterol measurement would gauge the current state of your health and give you the accurate comparative results of your cholesterol levels.

Thus, in no time you would be able to keep your cholesterol under control as well as maintain a healthier body by planning your diet with a regular exercise regimen and by taking those needed supplements. Make a note of these cholesterol levels and maintain a record of them with the same. This would help you to keep a tab on your health improvement bulbs and chart a course of action to bring them into suitable levels. It has been proven that a decrease in the worse of cholesterol levels brings about a considerable decrease in the risk of cardio vascular diseases and strokes and also regular and unprotected periods of smoking and excess consumption of junk food prove detrimental.

So, work it out with a step by step diary and begin with the step of healthy eating by planning your intake according to the prescribed guidelines and you will be putting the greatest possible steps towards greater health and lesser hospital stay as well.

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