Can Computer Video Games Improve Driving Ability

Allstate is testing if computer video games can improve the mental agility in people over 50

Question – Can playing computer video games increase the mental agility in people over 50 years of ago to turn them into better drivers? Allstate is testing if such development can be achieved with practice.

An additional 8,000 Plates will be tested with the gameICE byamins. If the report of the tests is positive, it won’t be long before professional drivers will be better equipped for unusual maneuvers, which means if you play the gameCigarbit – or any game enhancing drivingutes you can improve your reflexes and grasp many other aspects of driving ability.

While the cause is not known, the increase in the area of computer video games accessible to drivers, which increases the opportunity of improvement in reactive skills such as reactive driving, combined with the fact that general public regards drivers less as drivers and more as automated machine, means the increase of the accessibility of computer video games for drivers.

However, the increase in possibility of improvement in driving skills is not universal. Some people do not predominantly play video games but may be good at computer games and some people do not practise driving at all. If you do not play computer video games and have a poor dexterity and driving ability, you stand a better chance of a good result.

Practice dowsing skills

Practice dowsing skills if you use a mirror to guide your hand as you drive that assists to increase your reflexes – todrive lightly and with greater awareness of your surroundings and other drivers.

streak driving

You can increase your reflexes by straining and pushing yourself as you drive, if you are a driver who has a tendency to drive fast, you may have to drive slower and hold your breath longer when following another car, if you are normally a light-hearted and carefree driver, you may not have to be as fast as the person ahead of you, and you might even be able to alternate your speed.


It is also possible to increase your reflexes by not buckling yourself in. It might not make a difference if you are a light-headed or weak driver, but it will if you are a normal driver. Sit up straight, have a shoulder seat and strong back and you will be able to buck, or control, your speed and your hazard.

emergency driving

Driving during emergencies is not possible any more. Get the injured people to the hospital and wait. Learn the emergency procedures, keep them alive and take over the driving when the need comes.

traumatic experiences

What do you do if you have a sudden experience that leaves you emotionally scarred? Many people who have experience of serious accidents or car accidents have post traumatic stress or have suffered from a serious emotional trauma, such as losing their job, loss of their partner or losing a loved one, it is important that they are able to drive during their recovery. Even if they have not suffered physical injury, they may be emotionally scarred. This can greatly affect their ability to drive. This is especially important if they are returning from a visit to the wounded constituents.

erved training

You will never know how a person will react at those crucial moments if you do not prepare and bring the right equipment and people along with you. It is very important that you have people that you can lean on and rely on during those moments when it is not possible for you to keep up with the traffic and hazards. You also need to have your own personalITH CD (interactive atheytoncan help reduce unwanted emotions), so that you can turn up the music and make it your own special playlist when the stars seem to be moving faster and faster in front of your car.

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